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  • Judy Rymer

Message From Moree

An unlikely partnership between a wealthy cotton farmer and a young Aboriginal educator is leading a citizens’ push for great change in Moree.

Feature documentary ?? mins | ABC TV


Every country has one, a flashpoint where racial tensions are focussed, and where the legacy of discrimination and injustice are still keenly felt. For Australia, this place is found under the hot blue skies of the plains country, seven hours northwest of Sydney, in the town of Moree.

Moree is at once representative and unique. Located in the richest agricultural region of the land, Moree is a wealthy community. One billion dollars passes through the shire each year. But this wealth is not extended to the 25 percent of Moree’s population who are Aboriginal: 65 percent have been unemployed for most of their lives. Moree is infamous as a town deeply segregated and rife with violence, divided into factions of great wealth and abject poverty. But Moree is also a town that has begun to move, away from the extremism of its past, toward compromise, toward the future.

This is a story about one community’s path from rage to reconciliation. It is a story of extremes trying to find compromise. It is a story of small steps, of ordinary people, of everyday life. And it is also a story of extraordinary importance, for it is a story about hope.



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