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  • Judy Rymer

Frank & Daz Take On The World!

Two mates with big dreams take us on a journey from Cambodia to New York in their quest to achieve their dreams. What they reveal is the strength of the human spirit.

Frank & Daz take on the world documentary

Feature documentary 84 mins


FRANK AND DAZ TAKE ON THE WORLD is a story about classic Aussie mateship. It is a story about two dreamers with big dreams.

Daryl wants to run the New York Marathon. What’s extraordinary about that is he has cerebral palsy. He defies medical science by walking, let alone running. In fact, no one with his level of disability has been able to complete a marathon. Frank wants to help the people of Cambodia. He has a big idea.

He plans to educate all the children. He has started building his first school. With a combination of cheeky humour, emotion, inspiration and effort, Frank and Daz prove that a friendship can be bigger than the sum of its parts.


Picture the marathon men. Lean, mean running machines. For the fastest it’s a grueling forty two kilometre run in two hours ten. Stressing and straining every sinew, marathon running is an assault on all aspects of the body. It demands stamina.

Marathon men are the tough guys of athletics.

Daryl Howe ran his first marathon aged twenty six. It was an unbelievable triumph. People cheered, people cried. He finished 189th out of 203 It made him a world champion. Daryl has C6 cerebral palsy. He is the only person in the world with his level of disability to run a marathon.

His next big dream is to run the New York Marathon. His mission for this race? Obviously a personal best. But Daryl is mischievious He has a plan to get to the front so he can say “The year I led the New York Marathon..............”

But that’s only half our story. Enter a Scot called Frank. Daryl’s best mate. He’s from the small Scottish village of Ayr Frank also has a dream. Only a small one... To educate the children of Cambodia.

Frank and Daryl are both big dreamers. The spine of our story is their friendship. Together they undertake the monumental task of running a marathon. The action is full of drama as Frank monitors Daz to make sure he gets through with forty thousand other runners.

Woven through the race story in full-on New York are their activities in the sparse beauty of Western Australia as Daryl runs to raise money “for those less fortunate than ourselves” in Cambodia. Finally we will travel with them through Cambodia on their way to Mondulkiri to open Frank’s first school.

And then there are those moments of mateship, of swimming and story telling, of Guinness and laughter. A few moments where the film stands still so you realise the effort that these two are putting into life. This story is a journey both physical and mental that two friends have taken with each other to fulfill their dreams. It has humour, pathos, tension and exotic locations. Most of all it reminds us about the importance of dreams and confirms the strength of the human spirit when a Scot and a Kiwi realise their dreams through the power of good old Aussie mateship.



The Age : Judy Adamson

"Occasionally a documentary will move you to tears. It's not because you're feeling particularly soft-centred or the makers are trying to press your buttons - it's just that the subject matter is so touching you can't help yourself."


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