Border Politics


BBC Scotland Feature length documentary

Leading human rights barrister Julian Burnside deconstructs  harsh asylum seeker policies around the world, arguing that failure in political leadership is compromising human rights and destroying democratic principles in the West.
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Cancer Killers


SBS/BBC 2 x 1 hour

In production

Two Australian scientists have made a discovery that will potentially provide a disruptive technology for the treatment of cancer.  This story follows them as they face the Herculean task of taking science to market.

I Will Not Be Silenced


SBS/BBC 84 mins

One Australian woman’s horrific gang rape leads to a seven year battle for justice in a dramatic court case in Nairobi.

This case set in the Kibera slum brings a rare insight into sexual violence in Kenya as silenced women step out of the dark to stand at her side.

Risking our Kids


ABC 1 hr Prime time

A provocative film featuring Dr Fiona Stanley, on the impact our increasingly toxic social and physical environment is having on our kids. 

RISKING OUR KIDS marked the beginning of the ABC’s NEW FUTURE series of documentaries . 

Invited to a federal parliamentary screening.

Frank & Daz take on the World


SBS/BBC Scotland  1 hr 

Inspirational and moving, this is a story of strong friendships and big dreams and two men who have made a difference.

Who do you think you are? Geoffrey Robertson


SBS  Season 1/Ep 4  1 hr 

The UK-based human rights advocate has been mixing with the famous and infamous ever since he exploded onto the swinging sixties scene to help defend the Oz magazine obscenity case. When he starts looking into his family tree, Geoffrey finds some remarkable parallels in the expatriate lives of his forebears.

Being Chen Kaige


DISCOVERY Asia  1 hr 

Leading Fifth Generation Chinese film director Chen Kaige discusses his life and work in a revealing biopic. His life’s story of dramatic change, from the pain of Mao’s Cultural Revolution to the materialism of contemporary China, plays out in his films such as Yellow Earth, Farewell My Concubine and Together.

As he contemplates the future he talks about the conflicting values when East meets West.

All Points of the Compass


ABC/BBC Scotland  1 hr Prime time 

Thirty years after the fall of Saigon, this is a story about the loss of homeland, culture and identity seen through the eyes of the children of South Vietnam’s Foreign Minister.


Highest rating documentary for ABC for 2005 

Best Documentary, ACT Film Awards, 2005 

Bilan du Film Ethnographic, Paris, 2005 

AFI Nominated best Editing in a Non-Feature.

Punished not Protected


An educational documentary series which challenges government policy denying Australia’s protection to people fleeing war zones, torture and persecution.

Leading Australians share their views on Australia’s asylum seeker policy.

Message from Moree


ABC Big Picture 1 hr Prime time 

An unlikely partnership between a wealthy cotton farmer and a young Aboriginal educator is leading a citizens’ push for change in Moree. The documentary tells the story of one community’s path from rage to reconciliation.

Launched at National Parliament and screened on the ABC to mark annual Aboriginal Rights Day.